Core Semiconductor in 60 Seconds

The digital transformation of everything is accelerating

Everything is becoming a computer. Your life depends on the Internet of Things (IoT), even if you think it doesn’t.

3 to 8 billion new connected devices are added to the world every year, or over 8 million every day.

The IoT brings us enormous benefits, but there are serious pain points.

Cybercrime costs $600B/yr globally. Everything digital and connected and escalating cyberattacks is leading to everything being insecure. Today we have little choice but to trust major technology vendors, even though all of them have had critical security flaws exposed.

Surveillance capitalism and blanket government surveillance continuously invade our privacy. As a result, a “canyon of distrust” separates vendors from the public. Regulations like EU's GDPR and China's Cybersecurity Law impose fines to attempt to police the problem, but don’t provide a clear path to a solution.

What is Core Semiconductor's Solution?

It is the world’s 1st provably secure computing platform for all connected devices. It is an end-to-end platform from chip to operating system to network software, providing hardware enforced, inherent security.

How is it unique?

It is open source, in order to be provably secure and bridge the canyon of distrust. It leverages the unique properties of secure hardware platform for unparalleled security and resilience.

What is our business?

Core Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer aiming to provide the world’s 1st provably secure computing platform for all connected devices.

What is our vision?

Core Semiconductor is dedicated to democratizing secure device technologies. We envision a future in which trust and security is guaranteed in every interaction with the digital world, protecting our fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of communication and thought.