J2 Secure SoC

This a System-on-Chip (ASIC) containing dual J-Core CPU, CORE Trusted Compute Engine, DMAC, DDR controller, GPIO, dual EMAC, I2C, UART and SPI interfaces. Details

Jx IoT Evaluation Module

This an evaluation and prototyping module in the popular Raspberry PI form factor. It is also suitable for many low volume deployments. The FPGA SoC, allows full modification and customization of the hardware, down to the silicon level. Details

Jx System on Module

This is a high density CORE platform System-on-Chip module intended for volume production. It contains the CX100 Secure SoC and supporting components needed in most IoT applications, and is designed to be general purpose. It is plug-connected to an application specific main board, allowing easy future product upgrade. Details

GPS Module - GNSS Receiver

IP Cores

Individual, process independent IP cores are available for licensing by customers wishing to develop their own ASICs. These include the following: J-Core CPU, S-Core DSP, GNSS (GPS) Baseband Receiver, Analog-Front-End, DMAC, and EMAC.

Software Stack