At The Core Of Things

Today, CoreSemi attempts to usher in a sea change.

It is our fundamental belief that Open Source is a key to building a holistic, sustainable, revenue generating fabless semiconductor business.

This belief is inherently practical. In building a user community around our J32 CPU core IP family, we look forward to becoming a thoroughly trusted, well-known technology platform. We invite you, gentle reader, to consider the following elements of our strategy:

Security: Open Source is the root of trust: In our current climate, with security as a hard requirement, it is of significant, possibly-critical value to provide an audit trail from digitally-signed HDL source code to the ASIC and PCBs in your hands. For this reason, our platform follows an open hardware philosophy. Although we also market ‘closed’ ASICs – the norm – having our core processor line & development boards both fully auditable and trustable differentiates CoreSemi from other competitors.

Engineering: Over time, Open Source development produces “more, better, stronger” engineering outputs. In building a community around the J-Core family, more eyes are on our CPU cores. More people are using our technology platform and many hands make light work. We will have a greater opportunity to root out bugs and to identify useful features and optimisations. Far more total validation hours will therefore be devoted to each IP block than could ever be economically feasible internally, especially when considering all use cases across a variety of customised applications and environments.

Business: CoreSemi endeavours to create a reputation for trusted, secure, transparent engineering. With J-Core inheriting the spirit of Hitachi’s SuperH.

Inspired by decades of pre-existing software engineering, our SuperH-compatible platform, coupled with an open source IP base, will stimulate and grow your trust.

As a product line, we aspire to create company-specific ASICs with secure features at its core. Building on this transparent, tested IP base enables CoreSemi to execute customer projects more quickly; faster Time-to-market means success for you, our customers.

It is for this reason that we shall maintain on GitHub, the HDL, scripts, macros, artwork and other media necessary to fully reproduce our base chip and base board.

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