Why Core Semiconductor?

The Need

Security underpins the functioning of all of our digital devices. Core Semiconductor focuses on providing technology and products for provably and inherently secure devices and systems.

For anyone who is even casually following the news, it is blatantly obvious that the current paradigm for providing cybersecurity is broken. Never a week goes by without a report of a major data breach, hack, cyberattack or exposed security flaw in some major product. Particularly disturbing are instances when entire classes of devices are discovered to contain the same security flaw, such as the case of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, affecting virtually every processor produced since 1995, a total of billions of devices from the major vendors. This means that the vast majority of PCs, smartphones and tablets in use in the world in 2018 are affected.

The Failure of Existing Solutions

A key reason for these ongoing failures is that all of the major hardware platforms and most of the major software platforms that provide device security are closed source, proprietary designs. Closed source designs hide potential security vulnerabilities, and prevent independent auditability to verify that they are secure. Today, most people have had little choice but to trust the word of major technology vendors that their products and systems are secure. However, that trust has been broken innumerable times, and a canyon of distrust has grown between consumers and vendors.

Our Difference

Core Semiconductor on the other hand, provides a fully open source platform, allowing the designs to be provably secure. When designs are open and auditable to everyone, those with the requisite skills can independently verify them, so that the rest of us can trust the products without having to solely trust vendors. Note that some vendors claim to offer an open source platform or product, when in reality a part of the product, and often a very critical part is still closed source.

While there are other important elements in Core Semiconductor’s success strategy, we assert that making designs fully open source is the key that separates us from everyone else and why customers will choose us.