Management Team

Jeff Dionne

Co-Founder & CEO

Extensive startup experience (founded 10+ companies)

Raised more than $100M

Holds six patents

Co-inventor of embedded Linux

Jeff Garzik

CO-Founder & CSO

RedHat, Bloq, Spacechain

10 years blockchain core;

worked under inventor of Bitcoin, S. Nakamoto.

10+ years Linux kernel; worked under inventor of Linux, L. Torvalds.

Andrew Springthorpe


Vice-President-SBC Group

15 year track record of delivering successful, disciplined growth strategies

Backed by in-house team

Jen Mcann

VP of Engineering

Led engineering teams at SEI, CIBC and Novell

Responsible for testing and verifying DaVinci SoC architecture at TI

μClinux developer

Mike Tokue


20+ years experience as CIO, CTO, COO and GM

Founded 5 companies

Experience with M&As and Startups. Finance, Technology, Energy, Pharmaceuticals and consulting